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Thursday, October 18, 2007

EBSuite's CRM with JAJAH Telephony

EBSuite's CRM with JAJAH Telephony

EBSuite's On-Demand CRM has added JAJAH telephony into its CRM applications. The new EBSuite integration allows customers to make or schedule JAJAH calls with one click. JAJAH’s service saves our customers up to 98% on their telephone calls and text messages. JAJAH works by calling each person’s phone, mobile or land based phones.

Cris Mader, Chief Technology Officier of "A perfect merge of Web 2.0 technologies: EBSuite, JAJAH and my iPhone. I now can work from anywhere with calls to our customers in Europe and developers in India. We have saved a fortune".

Let us know what you think of this exciting new telephony feature.




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