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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New CRM for iPhone

New CRM for iPhone

EBSuite released its specially designed site for Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone users to access their EBSuite account easily via the new mobile interface.

George Triantifillo, Director of Security for S3 described the application as: "Its perfect "I haven't used my computer since I got my iPhone. All my appointments, tasks, contacts, and cases are available on my iPhone. My staff and I are in sync in real-time."

EBSuite’s CRM application has a new specially designed mobile iPhone access site. Our users can access all their CRM information via our new mobile interface. It is optimized for the iPhone's screen size to work in any direction (vertical or horizontal). Each CRM feature has been redesigned for easy access to information from iPhone's touch screen. EBSuite’s CRM and iPhone is ideal to work from anywhere, any time: receive/send emails, files, call customers and complete tasks - in real-time.

For more information about this feature, please see below flash tutorial.




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